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The Admin and Global Mod Team will close C19 to new activity by the end of 2020. All details, helpful information and discussions will be found on this Board.

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No New Posts Forum Guidelines

Please read before registering

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Sept 18, 2016 14:15:32 GMT
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by norteysur
Aug 19, 2020 5:40:14 GMT
No New Posts C19 Affiliates

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by CC
Jan 10, 2007 16:06:07 GMT
No New Posts Meet and Greet

For all new members to say hello and introduce themselves to us.

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No New Posts General Board

You can talk about anything here

Moderators: millhand, janeite, Le Fantôme, Piccadilly

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No New Posts Announcements

For birthdays and any other announcements

Moderators: millhand, janeite

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No New Posts The Techie Board

Want to ask for advice about anything from computers to digital cameras? This is the spot............

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No New Posts The Graphics Zone

Moderators: janeite, grendel, Piccadilly, HeathRA

Sub-boards: Graphics Board Guidelines, AdAbsurdum's Wunderkammer, Angelfish's Icons, Ania's Domain, Becky's Graphics, Bonny's Little Corner, Brooxie's creations, CherryT’s Niche, Daisy's Doodles, Digne's Graphics and Paper Dolls, Emmsi's Tinkerings, Eponinelle's Graphics, Fiona's Dabbling, Flo's Pretties, foreverjeune's FanArt, GizTheGunslingerÂ’s drawings”, Grendel's Graphics, Haelda's Hub, HeathRA's Haven, Hedgey's Hieroglyphics, IJ’s Steading, Imajrim's Imagination, Jane's Graphics Corner, Kiteflier's Creations, The Kitkat Zone, Lady Aline's Artistry, LG's Locale of Graphics, Lilylynn's Graphics, Macy's Manor, Marianne's Meanderings, MeGz Graphics, Nemo's Nic nacs, Newdawn's Graphix, Noone's Home, Piccadilly's Pics, Raquelbrz's Atelier, Robas' Creative Output, Rose's Petals and Thorns, Sheelz' Signatures and Wallpapers, Spark's Studio, SSK's Crafts, stella's doodle dump, Simbelmynes Artistic Trials, Val's Visions, Vashti's Vagaries, Werewolfie’s Wanderwall, Whitney's Eye Candy, xkristinx Graphics, Zora's Graphics

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No New Posts Graphics Challenge

Moderators: janeite, millhand, Piccadilly, HeathRA, kiteflier

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No New Posts The Video Hub

Moderators: janeite, millhand, HeathRA

Sub-boards: 19bt80's Videos, Angelfish's Videos, Daisy's Videos, Do not 'Sir Guy' me productions by Ninniku, Elvira's Collection of Aspect Ratio Correct Videos, Heathra Productions, Home of Little Guy animations by Damaris, Jiaborama/DreamyViper Videos, Lori's Videos, Manda's Movies, Mystery Lover Anne Presents, Ordinary Angels, SimplyDarcy Presents, Siouxsie Sioux's Video Archive, Val's Vidding Visions, Videos by Jancis, 'Vigita' videos, Daydreams by Jane, Xcully's world

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No New Posts The Joke Vault

For all your funnies

Moderators: millhand, janeite

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No New Posts The Games Room

For all the fun online games we play!

Moderators: millhand, janeite

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No New Posts The Quiz Lounge

Moderators: janeite, millhand, pert

Sub-boards: General Quiz Board, Current Halls of Fame - All Quizzes, Geography Quiz Hall of Fame Archive, Harry Potter Quiz Hall of Fame Archive, History Quiz Hall of Fame Archive, Humanities Quiz Hall of Fame Archive, Leisure Quiz Hall of Fame Archive, Literature Quiz Hall of Fame Archive, Movie Quiz Hall of Fame Archive, Music Quiz Hall of Fame Archive, People & Celebrities Quiz Hall of Fame Archive, Science & Technology Quiz Hall of Fame Archive

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No New Posts The History Board

A place for any kind of history discussion

Moderators: millhand, janeite

Sub-boards: Richard III, Daughter of Time Group Read

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No New Posts A Life of Leisure

The place to relax and discuss all your travel,sporting, hobby and leisure interests - now with dedicated photography sub-board.

Moderators: millhand, janeite, Le Fantôme

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No New Posts Links

A place to enter links to other worthy sites

Moderators: millhand, janeite

Sub-board: C19 Blog Roll of Honour

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No New Posts Phant's Kitchen

Moderators: millhand, janeite, Le Fantôme

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No New Posts The Nose and Frown

Pie and a pint anyone?

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No New Posts The Photo Collection

Moderators: janeite, millhand, grendel

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The Book Club

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No New Posts General Reading

General book discussion

Moderators: janeite, millhand

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No New Posts Classic Literature

For discussion of all the great classics

Moderators: janeite, millhand

Sub-boards: General Discussion, Jane Austen, The Brontes, Wilkie Collins, Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Elizabeth Gaskell, Thomas Hardy, William Shakespeare

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No New Posts Modern Fiction

The place to talk about present day novelists and their work

Moderators: millhand, janeite

Sub-board: C19 Authors

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No New Posts The Twilight Saga Re-Read

A re-read of the Twilight Saga
*Warning - Here Be Spoilers*

Moderators: millhand, janeite

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No New Posts Non-fiction

Exactly what it says on the tin

Moderators: millhand, janeite

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No New Posts The Cyber Reading Group

An online book discussion group where members can choose and discuss monthly 'group read'. On-topic discussion only - strictly no threadnapping. Now includes a Georgette Heyer sub-board.

Moderators: janeite, millhand, trudy

Sub-board: Georgette Heyer Reading Group

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No New Posts The English Language

Discussion of the rules, use and history of spoken and written English

Moderators: millhand, janeite

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The Writers' Forum

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No New Posts Writers' Forum Homeroom

For story and chapter newsflashes and general discussion.

Moderators: janeite, millhand, DiL, trudy

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No New Posts Writers' Workshop

The Art and Craft of Writing, swap tips and advice on all types of writing - Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction and of course, Fanfic.

Moderators: janeite, millhand, DiL, trudy

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No New Posts The further adventures of N&S

The place for N&S Fanfic

Moderators: janeite, millhand, DiL, trudy

Sub-boards: Abundant Ardor by Zagorka, AJsMommy's Musings, Alhambra's Writings, Angelfish's Writings, Belong by MorganSThomas, Boz's Scribblings, Brief Glimpses by ch215, A Chance for Tomorrow by Marge, Chocolate's Procrastination Aids, CinemaBare's Fic, Clockwood's Compositions, Coming Home: The continuing story of North and South by Laya, The Cotton Mill by Cybelle, Darcydevotee's Writings, Diary of Frances (Fanny) Thornton, Digne's Writings, Ellarose's Writings, Elle's Imaginings, FaithBW's fanfic, Fanfic by Sarah, Fics by Kleindog, Flairyfairy's Writing, For Richer, For Poorer, Freedom in possession by Loredanag, From Here by Mina, Gemo's Writings, Gertrude's Writing, Hannah's North & South Continued, Harrietvane's Writing, The Hill by Scarletheels, Hollywood's Stories, Interludes by Piccadilly, Jacquianne's Stories, Jane's Fanfic, Jeanneaileen's N&S fanfic, Jenny's Journals - A Matter of Conscience, Kate's Writings, Kim's Writings, Kittykat's Contemplations, Leah's Daydreams, Lexie's Tales, Lizzy's stories, Margaret Hale's Diary by jezebellupin, Maggie MS's Ramblings, Maureen's Work, Meredith's Milton Machinations, "Mistress of Marlborough" by louisa, More to the Story by Lizzy, MrsVienna's Marriage Bureau, Musical JT by MrsJT, Neelma's Tales, A New Life by Beebie, A Nightingale Sang - A North and South Story. , N&S Fanfic by Siouxsie Sioux, N&S School Version by SarahD, Noontales, NORTH by Mary 3 and other Mary tales, North and South Continued by becko37, North and South for Dummies by runeybette", North and South goes East - a Modern Fanfic by Knorthandsouthlover, North and Spoof: Trouble at t' Mithril Mill, by Damaris, Pack Clouds Away by Lucy, Peanuts' Prattle, Puff's Nook, The respected millowner and his rose by Lisa, Sally by Sunnymeg, SJ's Stories, Spark's Stories, Stargazer's Imaginings, Susie's Scribblings by ClassicsFan, Tea's Tales of N&S, The Thorntons by Cate, tkambhoney's World, Tpeej's Writings, Trudy's Tattle, True North by Damaris and links to The Widow Wooed - Fanny's Story, Vickster's Version with a Twist, Walterscott's Tales, Welshie's Fanfic, Where You Are by Donna, Winam's Whimsies, Xmargx's J&M love letters

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No New Posts The Thornfield Archive

What Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester did next. Home of Jane Eyre Fanfic.

Moderators: janeite, millhand, DiL, trudy

Sub-boards: Bewitching Tales by Winam, CB's Fic, Chalk and Ivory: Sketches of a Life by starboarder, The Connaught Hotel by Sunnymeg!, Dreamcat's Dabblings, Eyre-y Tales by Noone, Edward's Story: A Magical Thing... by Jezebel, Heather's Fanfic Haven, Imagination: the ever-shifting kaleidoscope by K, Inspeyreations. Jane Eyre Fan Fic by hrapson, Jane and Edward: A Modern Love Story, Jane and Rochester - Laura Style, Jane & Rochester - Untold, Jane Eyre - her life and love by Sheelz, Monica's Jane Eyre Stories, My Edward and I by Desdemona, A New World by Loz4321, Polly's Jane Eyre Fanfic, Return to Gateshead by RhubarbsMom, Rowan's FanFiction, Sarah's Thornfield by missprez79, bronteafecionado's handiwork, The Visionary, by pj

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No New Posts Tales of Sherwood

Robin Hood Fanfic - stories of Robin, Marian and, of course, Guy of Gisborne!

Moderators: janeite, millhand, DiL, trudy

Sub-boards: The Age of Love by southernbelle, All is not as it seems by hannahbanana, Andie's RH Fiction, Angelfish's Writings, Black Knight's Deception, Blood will tell by Illyriel, Boz's Sherwood Scribblings, The Bride by Scarletheels, Brooxie's Fanfic, Chocolate's Procrastination Aids, The Demoiselle by Lady Aline, Fics by Kleindog, Gisborne's Library by Tpeej, Guy & Rebecca by Mona Lisa, Hedgey's Scribbles, HJCrane's Fanfic, It Will End in Tears by LeslieG, Kims Writings, Lady Lemm's Stories, Lady Marian of Gisbourne by Mysterium07, Lexie's Tales, Livia's Hood stories, Lost Souls by Loredanag, MrsVienna's Marriage Bureau, Nobilitas Impositor by foxmac, Nottingham - the high school years, Peanuts RH Prattle, Puff's GoG Nook, The Gisbornes by MissPrez79, Robin Hood - The Am Dram Version, The Road to Redemption by Damaris, Guyspoofs, by Damaris, Schemer's Stories, SJBarra's Guy/Marian Stories, Taaroko's Tales, The Tale of the Gisborne Son by Butterquifly, What Guy Did Next by Libs, zelofheda's stories

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No New Posts Tales of Middle Earth

Moderators: DiL, trudy, janeite, millhand

Sub-boards: The Art of Ring Flinging (LOTR parody) by Damaris, Boromir's Bride, by Damaris, Thorin's Loss, by Damaris, Dwarves and more - Hobbit fanfic by DJ, Jaydee's Memoirs of Middle-earth, Khandy's Middle Earth Tales, The Adventures of Dwalin The Dwarf, by Saraleee, When Thorin Met Tauriel, by Saraleee, Yelloweeee's Middle Earth notepad

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No New Posts Creative Writing

For all creative writing and non-North and South Fanfic

Moderators: janeite, millhand, DiL, trudy

Sub-boards: IceQueen's stories, Andie's Fiction, Ange de Nuit: A PotO-inspired story by Mysterium, Angelfish's Writings, A Woman's Prerogative by Genie, Barbara's Blissful Bubble, Becky's Stories, Blackpearl's random drivel, Broken Quills by starboarder, Bubbles' Babbling, CB's Writing, Chocolate's Procrastination Aids, Doctor Who Fanfic by Jynk, Dzana's Stories, Elle's Epic, Elphie's Alternative Classics, Emma’s Tales, Emmsi's Imaginings, Evergreen's Writings, Gertrude's Other Writing, Hazel's Whimsical Nonsense, Jeanneaileen's Writings, Katie's Spooks Fic, Original fiction by khandy, Tales from khandy, LadySusan's Writings, Leslieg's writings, Lexie's Tales, Lori's tales, LuvDemBrooders Droogles, Mary's Writings, Milton's finest bookstore, Moon of Blindness' Fic, Morrighan's writing, More Scribblings by ClassicsFan, Of Dark and Bright by MissPrez79, Pas de Deux by ddandy, Noodle's Narratives, Noone's Runes, Best Friends (P&P) by nuriet, The Pirate's Den, Rivers' Sparkhouse fanfic, The Russian by Scarletheels, Some More Stories from Siouxsie Sioux, Spoofs Series 1 by Damaris, Spoofback, by Damaris, Stargazer's Imaginings, Susan's AU Classics, Verity's Tales, Welcome to Channel 24 News by IslaJane, Wishful Fictioning by PJ, Witchery, Treachery and Other Intriguing Tales by Hammyflirt, Yearnings of a Girl by Helene, Winam's Wanderings, Yelloweee's Notebook, zelofheda's stories, Fantasy

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No New Posts Poets' Corner

Moderators: janeite, millhand, DiL, trudy

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North South Central

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts The Archive

Moderators: millhand, janeite

Sub-boards: C19 Christmas Musings 2018, FAQS, Articles and Interviews, C19 Threads, Letters from N&S Cast and Crew, Locations, BBC Threads, North and South Second Anniversary Celebration Board!!, Christmas at C19 2006, Christmas at C19 2007, C19 Awards 2006, C19s Second Birthday!!, The Jane Eyre Archive, C19 Reading Threads, C19 Awards 2007, Beijing 2008, Christmas at C19 2008, C19 Awards 2008, Middlemarch - The Group Read, Shorty Story Competition May 2007, Creative Writing Competition, Christmas at C19 2009, C19 Awards 2009, Christmas at C19 2010, C19 Awards 2010, Christmas Board 2013, C19 Christmas 2017

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No New Posts The Snug

The place for news of N&S actors and crew and to post about C19 events

Moderators: millhand, janeite

Sub-board: Daniela Denby Ashe

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No New Posts North and South Group Read 2006/2007

C19's original North and South Group Read

Moderators: janeite, millhand

Sub-board: N&S - Words of Wisdom from the Archive

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No New Posts North and South

North and South - There can be only one!!!

Moderators: millhand, janeite

Sub-board: 'North and South' Group Read 2011/2012

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No New Posts Richard Armitage

All hail His Royal Thorntonness - for Richard Armitage devotees. Includes sub-boards for The Hobbit, Into The Storm, Captain America, Frozen, Macbeth, The Impressionists, The Golden Hour,The Vicar of Dibley, Marie Lloyd, George Gently, Miss Marple, Moving On, Sparkhouse and Between the Sheets.

Moderators: millhand, janeite, grendel, theeyeshaveit

Sub-boards: News, Audio Work and Voice-Overs, The Thud-Free Zone, The Crinkle Zone, Between the Sheets, Captain America, Frozen, George Gently, The Golden Hour, Hannibal, Into the Storm (formerly Category Six/Black Sky), Macbeth, Marie Lloyd, Miss Marple, Monet - The Impressionists, Moving On, Sparkhouse, Strike Back, The Stranger, Vicar of Dibley, C19’s RA Calendars

5,029 316,188
No New Posts The Hobbit

The place to discuss Peter Jackson's three-part treatment of Tolkien's novel, and Richard Armitage's role as Thorin Oakenshield, King of the Dwarves. General discussion of the Trilogy only here, please.

Moderators: janeite, millhand, grendel, theeyeshaveit

Sub-boards: 'Hobbit' things to buy or borrow, Posters and pictures, Little Thorin's Adventures/ Pictures

453 9,831
No New Posts The Hobbit (1) An Unexpected Journey

The place to discuss 'The Hobbit (1): An Unexpected Journey'.

Moderators: janeite, millhand, theeyeshaveit, grendel

Sub-boards: Articles and Interviews, Premieres and Charity Screenings, Published Reviews, Seen 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'? Discuss it here

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No New Posts The Hobbit (2) The Desolation of Smaug

The place to discuss 'The Hobbit (2): The Desolation of Smaug.

Moderators: janeite, millhand, theeyeshaveit, grendel

Sub-boards: Articles and Interviews (DOS), Premieres and Charity Screenings (DOS), Published Reviews (DOS), Seen the Movie? Discuss it here (DOS)

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No New Posts Robin Hood

The BBC drama starring Jonas Armstrong, Keith Allen and, of course, Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne.

Moderators: millhand, janeite

Sub-boards: Robin Hood Series 1 Episode Discussion, Robin Hood Series 1 Screencaps & Clips, Robin Hood Series 2 Episode Discussion, Robin Hood Series 2 Screencaps & Clips, Robin Hood Series 3 Episode Discussion, Robin Hood Series 3 Screencaps & Clips, Little Guy's Adventures, News of Robin Hood actors

1,731 54,611
No New Posts Spooks

Lucas North, Spy, MI5

Moderators: millhand, janeite

Sub-boards: Spooks Series 9 Episode Discussion, Spooks Series 9 Screencaps & Clips, Spooks Series 8 Episode Discussion, Spooks Series 8 Screencaps & Clips, Spooks Series 7 Episode Discussion, Spooks Series 7 Screencaps & Clips, News of 'Spooks' actors

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